Honda Odyssey Seat Removal

by David Clair
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The seats in the Honda Odyssey can be removed or repositioned to create more cargo space. There are two different types of removable seats that are available depending on the specific Honda Odyssey model. Every Honda Odyssey has removable second row bucket seats. Some models also have a removable, stowable Plus-One seat, which is located between the second row bucket seats.

Second Row Bucket Seats

These seats are attached to the floor of the car by both a lock and a hook. Pull the seat-back angle adjustment lever up and then fold the seat-back forward. Pull the seat lock release lever under the front edge of the seat cushion to unlock the seat from the floor.

Lift the rear part of the seat, moving it away from the floor lock, then pull the seat back until the front of the seat unhooks from the floor. Lift the seat up to clear it of the floor seat hooks.

Second Row Stowable Plus-One Seat

Before you can remove the Plus-One seat, you must completely lower the head rest portion of the seat. Pull the seat cushion strap that is located in the middle of the back of the seat cushion, continuing to pull until the seat cushion is removed. Pull the strap on the seat-back towards the front of the vehicle to fold the seat-back forward.

Pull up the lock release lever, which is located directly behind the seat-back. Lift the rear of the seat to free it from the locking mechanism. Pull the front of the seat backwards until it unhooks from the floor and then lift the seat up to completely clear it from the floor seat hook.

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