How to Reset the Oil Change Light in My 2006 Chevrolet Trailblazer

by Benjamin Aries

Chevrolet introduced the Trailblazer brand of sport utility vehicle in 2002, as a follow-up to the historically popular Blazer line of trucks. The Trailblazer was produced until the 2009 model year, and includes features such as four-wheel drive and traction control. The Trailblazer also offers a convenient engine oil change notification feature, which alerts the driver after a preset amount of mileage. Following an oil change, the driver can reset this notification until the next time the oil needs to be changed.

Step 1

Enter the driver's side of the Trailblazer, and close the door. Insert the key into the ignition. Rotate the key from the "Lock" to the "Run" position, without starting the vehicle. The electrical power should come on, and lights on the dash should illuminate.

Step 2

Push and then release the gas pedal smoothly three distinct times. All three depressions must be completed within five seconds. Release the gas pedal after the third time.

Step 3

Rotate the key back to the "Lock" position, and remove it. Wait a few moments, and then start the Trailblazer normally. The engine oil light on the dash should no longer be illuminated. The light will stay off until it is time to change the oil again.

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