How to Reset the Maintenance Light on a Scion tC

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The maintenance light in your Scion tC's odometer case is designed to turn on when it's time for a regularly scheduled maintenance of the vehicle. The light is no cause for alarm; it's simply a reminder to get your tC needs to be serviced. After changing the car's oil, reset the maintenance light. It will not come on again until it's time to service the tC again.

Step 1

Turn the tC's key to the "On" position. Press the trip odometer reset stem until "Trip A" displays on the odometer screen. Hold the stem with "Trip A" displayed.

Step 2

Turn the tC's key to the "Off" position, and then turn it back on.

Step 3

Continue holding the trip odometer reset stem until five dashes appear on the odometer screen. Release the stem. The maintenance light is now off.

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