How to Disable a Cadillac Alarm

by David ClairUpdated July 19, 2023

Many Cadillac vehicles are equipped with anti-theft alarm systems that activate an audible alarm and flash a visual alarm when triggered. The alarm system monitors sensors throughout the vehicle to detect possible unauthorized entry attempts. If the alarm system is disabled, the sensors will not trigger the alarms until the system is reactivated. The alarm system can be disabled and reactivated at any time.

1. Press the "unlock" button

Press the "unlock" button on the keyless entry remote.

2. Open the glove compartment

Open the glove compartment.

3. Press the "on" portion of the valet mode switch to activate valet mode

Press the "on" portion of the valet mode switch to activate valet mode. The alarm system is disabled until valet mode is turned off.

Video: How To Disable Service Theft Deterrent System on Cadillac Escalade

Helpful comments on this video:

  • Another "Theft Deterrent Reset" method is locating the ECM fuse in your fuse block, with key on (but vehicle not started) pull the fuse labeled ECM, leave out for 10-15 mins. Put fuse back in then go back inside and and reset key position to off then back on. Done
  • This method worked for a 2014 Silverado. Remove positive terminal, turn key to "on" position, leave for 10-15 minutes. Put battery cable back on, cycle key off and on, truck started.

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