How to Take the Rear Seats Out of a Ford Windstar

by Tara Kimball

The Ford Windstar reached the market in 1995 for an eight-year sales run. The van is equipped with three rows of seats, including the front row bucket seats. The two back row seats are removable to gain cargo space, and you should remove the third row seat first in order to open up a path to remove the middle row seat. The removal process is the same for both bench and bucket seats in your Windstar.

Step 1

Open the rear hatch of the Windstar. Clear out any items in the cargo area behind the rear seat.

Step 2

Fold the seatback all the way down to make it easier to remove the seat. Locate the release tabs on each side of the seat near the floor. Pull the tabs back to release the locks securing the seat to the floor.

Step 3

Lift the seat up from the base until the locking mechanism is out of the lock on the floor. Pull the seat straight back out of the rear hatch. You may need to turn the seat slightly to fit it through the rear cargo area.

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