How to Remove the Seats in a Chevrolet Uplander

by Blaze Johnson
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The Chevrolet Uplander, branded as a crossover sport van, succeeded the long running Venture minivan from the 2005 to 2008 model years. Standard features include front-wheel drive, 240-horsepower V6, four-wheel disc brakes, traction control and XM satellite radio. Removing the seats in your 2008 Chevrolet Uplander will allow for additional cargo capacity when hauling large items. Not only can you remove the third-row seating for extra space, you can also remove the second-row bucket seats for maximum hauling capacity.

Third Row Seating

Step 1

Remove any items contained within the convenience center--if equipped--mounted on the third row bench seat. Unscrew the hand knob located on the rear of the convenience center counterclockwise. Remove the convenience center from the vehicle.

Step 2

Lift the adjustment bar located underneath the third row seat cushion and move the seat to the forward-most position.

Step 3

Fold both seat backs by pulling each of the straps located at the rear while pushing the seat-backs forward.

Grasp the release handles located on the bottom rear sides of the third row seat to expose the pins on both sides of the handles. Lift the seat using the rear handles to clear the floor mounts. Pull the third row seating out through the rear of the vehicle using the bottom rear handles.

Bucket Seats

Step 1

Unbuckle the seat belt, if buckled. Lift the small lever located between the seat back and bottom cushion, accessible from the rear, while pulling the seat to the most rearward position.

Step 2

Fold the seat by pulling the small nylon strap located on the rear of the seat, on the right side. Push the headrest down to the lowest position.

Step 3

Pull the nylon strap located underneath the seat to release the rear floor mounts. Tilt the bucket seat forward, using the bottom strap. With the seat fully tilted forward, squeeze the strap bar and stationary bar together to release the front mounting hooks.

Rock the seat forward and backwards while pulling the bucket seat out off the front floor mounts. Remove the disengaged seat from the vehicle.

Captain Chairs Without Side Impact Airbags

Step 1

Remove any items present on the chair.

Step 2

Release the rear mounting hooks by pulling the nylon strap located underneath the bottom rear of the seat.

Tilt the seat forward to clear the rear mounts. Lift the seat off the vehicle's front floor mounts. Carefully remove the seat from the vehicle.

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