How to Remove a Rear Seat in a LeSabre

by Michael Cohen

The Buick LeSabre has an unusual layout, in which the battery, battery lines and spark plugs are located under the back seat, rather than in the engine compartment. Because of this design peculiarity, you will need to remove the rear seat to access these critical engine components. Although more complicated than simply popping the hood, accessing the battery in your Buick LeSabre requires no special tools, and can be completed in only a few minutes.

Step 1

Open both of the back passenger doors. Locate the panel that runs along the base of the bottom of the seat.

Step 2

Place your hand on the front of the panel, at the edge closest to the door. Press the panel back sharply and lift upwards. One side of the seat will pop free. Repeat the process on the the other side to completely unhook the seat bottom.

Step 3

Roll the seat bottom forward, and slide it out sideways through the rear passenger door. Set it aside.

Step 4

Find the 4 hex bolts that connect the seat back to the frame of the car. They will be located at even intervals in the space underneath the bottom of the seat. Remove the bolts with a hex wrench.

Step 5

Lift the seat back up to uncouple it from its hooks and pull it forward. Slide the seat back out sideways through the passenger door.

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