Ford Van Seat Removal

by Gregory Crews
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Taking the seats out of your Ford van are very straightforward. The seats are bolted to the floor of the van, and in some cases there is a wiring harness to disconnect. Disconnecting the seats should only take 15 minutes to remove completely. Use caution when lifting the seats as they are bulky and could cause strain if lifted improperly.

Captain's Chair Removal

Open the door of the side of the van the seat is coming out of. The seat is anchored by four bolts at four corners of the base of the seat. They can be removed by a socket wrench. In the instance you notice that the bolt is turning but not coming out then you will need to have someone climb under the van to hold the nut with a wrench while you loosen the bolt with a socket wrench.

Once the seat is loosened you will need to check to disconnect the wires that power the seats and lumbar support. Disconnect the wires by lifting the tabs up at the connectors and separate the connector from the wiring harness. Carefully lift the seat out of the van. You may require help to lift the seat out of the van.

Bench Seat Removal

Bench seats are similar to the Captain's chairs. Locate the four to six bolts holding the bench seat down. There will be a bolt at each corner of the seat, and in some cases two bolts at the very middle at the base of a support. Loosen the bolts with a socket wrench. Direct your partner under the van to hold the nut with a wrench if the bolts are not working loose. Once the bolts are loosened you will need to check if there is any wiring to disconnect.

The wiring can be disconnected at the harness by pulling the tab up and pulling the connector away from the harness. Once the wiring is disconnected, instruct your partner to assist in lifting the seat out of the van. In the instance the seat is to bulky to lift out the side door, you can turn the seat sideways and pull it out of the back door. Place the seat in a covered area.

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