How to Put the Seat Down on a Dodge Ram Extended Cab

by Ashley Hay

Dodge introduced the Ram truck in 1981. Originally called the "Dodge Ram", the truck has become its own brand simply called "Ram." The Ram truck offers many upgrades and body styles. One style is the extended cab which offers second-row seating behind the driver and passenger seats. The second row seats are adjustable for comfort and may also lie down. Laying the seats down in the truck offers more space and takes only a minute to accomplish.

Step 1

Open both of your Dodge Ram's back doors.

Step 2

Locate the seat release cord. This will be in one of two locations. The release cord will be on the side of the seat which faces the door, if the seats are split into two separate seats. If your Ram has a bench seat, the release cord will be hanging directly behind the back of the seat, in the center, between the head rests.

Step 3

Pull the release cord away from the seat until you feel the seat slightly pop up. You may also hear a click when the seat release unlocks the seat.

Step 4

Push the back of the seat down, toward the front of the truck, from behind until it lays flat against the bottom half of the seat.

Step 5

Lift the bottom half of the seat up by the back end, closest to the bed of the truck, and push it forward. The seat folds up behind the front seats for storage. You may keep the seats down flat as instructed in Step 4 if you prefer.

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