How to Fold Back Seats for a Toyota 4Runner

by M.W. Sand

The Toyota 4Runner is full of features, making it ready for the outdoors. Some models of the 4Runner come equipped with an enhanced cargo area, featuring a sliding rear cargo deck. However, all 4Runner models have the ability to expand the cargo area by folding down the back seats. Some 4Runner models have a 60/40 split back seat, while newer models have a 40/20/40 split.

Step 1

Move the drivers seat forward to allow room for the backseat to fold down. Do the same to the passenger front seat.

Step 2

Grab the release cord on the bottom of the back seat cushion. The release is located along the seam, between the bottom and back seat cushion.

Step 3

Pull the release cord up so the seat cushion pivots forward. Doing so allows the back seat back rest to fold flat. Repeat this step with the other seat cushion, or cushions, depending on if the 4Runner is a 60/40 or 40/20/40 split.

Step 4

Remove the headrest by pressing the release button and sliding out the headrest. In newer models, fold the headrest to the down position.

Step 5

Press the seat release button on the outside edge of the seat back, and fold the seat down. If you want to fold the entire seat back, repeat this process with the remaining portion of the split.

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