How to Move the Luggage Rack on a Ford Expedition

by Allen Moore
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The luggage rack on the Ford Expedition is comprised of two long rails that run the length of the roof and two crossbars that run from side to side. The crossbars can be moved forward and back in order to offer the best support for your load configuration. While many things can be secured to roof racks for transport, it is best to consult your Expedition’s specific owner’s manual for weight capacity and load attachment information.

Step 1

Position the step ladders on either side of the Expedition. If your Expedition has step bars or running boards, you may not need to use the step ladders.

Step 2

Climb up the ladder or running boards until you can easily access the rear crossbar where it contacts the side rail.

Step 3

Turn the knob on the crossbar counter clockwise to loosen it. Have a helper do the same on the opposite side of the vehicle.

Step 4

Slide the roof rail forward or backward until it reaches the desired position. Once there, turn the knobs clockwise to tighten the crossbar back down.

Step 5

Move the ladders forward and repeat steps three and four with the front crossbar.

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