How to Install Running Boards on a Jeep Wrangler

by Jared Curtis
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If your Jeep Wrangler did not come with running boards from the dealership, you can purchase and install them yourself using simple tools. Running boards act as a step to allow for easy exit and entry. They will also help keep your Jeep clean by blocking the debris kicked up by your tires. Factory running boards can be purchased at your dealership. However, aftermarket companies make several types of running boards for your model to suit your style.

Step 1

Locate the stock hanger holes in the Jeep body under the vehicle. They are covered from the factory with foam. Remove the foam to access the hanger holes.

Step 2

Install the nut plate that came with the running boards into the hole of your Jeep by sliding it into the hole horizontally. Install the second plate in the same manner.

Step 3

Attach the mounting brackets to the plate. Thread the nut onto the bracket and hand tighten the nut so that it can still be adjusted.

Step 4

Lift the running board into position. Align the holes in the running board with the holes in the mounting bracket installed in Step 3. Install the bolts and thread the retaining nut on the opposite side. Tighten each bolt and nut with a ratchet and socket until the step is secured to the bracket.

Step 5

Align the step with the vehicle. Hold the step in position while tightening the bolt on the mounting plates with a ratchet and socket.

Step 6

Repeat theses steps on the opposite side of the vehicle to install the second step.

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