How to Mount a License Plate on a Motorcycle

by Chris Gilliland
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License plates, which establish the ownership of a vehicle, are required to be mounted on every motorcycle that is intended for operation on public roads and highways. To accommodate this necessity, motorcycle manufacturers equip their motorcycles with mounting locations along the frame or body, providing law enforcement with a clear view of the license plate. The aftermarket also offers bolt-on license plate relocation kits, often moving the license alongside the rear wheel. Whichever method you choose, mounting the plate in a secure manner is simple and can often be done with a single screwdriver.

Step 1

Locate the license plate holder bracket on the motorcycle. The bracket is often placed on the rear fender or tail of the motorcycle, although newer cruisers and choppers are equipped with side-mounted plate holders.

Step 2

Place the license plate onto the bracket, aligning the mounting holes on the plate with the holes on the bracket.

Step 3

Insert a bolt into each hole on the license plate, passing it through the bracket.

Step 4

Screw a Nylock nut onto each bolt and tighten with a screwdriver.

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