How to Replace a Grand Prix Catalytic Converter

by Mark O'Brien

A catalytic converter helps filter out any unwanted toxins and emissions from the exhaust that exits your engine. The catalytic converter is located under your Pontiac Grand Prix behind where the exhaust pipe leaves the engine. A clogged catalytic converter will decrease engine power. Replacing it is advisable as a functioning catalytic converter is required to be on a vehicle to pass emission tests.


Go to your local auto store and tell the year of your Pontiac Grand Prix car. Purchase the proper model of catalytic converter for your car.


Slide under the side of your car and locate the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is located behind the engine. The exhaust pipe from the engine is bolted to the front of the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipe leading to the Grand Prix muffler is bolted on the rear of the catalytic converter.


Unscrew the three bolts on the front and back of the catalytic converter.


Put the new catalytic converter into place. An arrow will be on the base of the catalytic converter and the arrow should be pointed toward your engine.


Screw the three bolts back into the front and back of the new catalytic converter.

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