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How to Remove Catalytic Converters on A Ford F-150

by Bryan Cowing

The catalytic converter on your Ford F-150 is an important piece of equipment which is responsible for decreasing the amount of toxins produced by your truck. If your catalytic converter has gone bad, or even if you would just like to replace it, it is important to know what to expect before you get started. Fortunately, the steps for removing the catalytic converter on an F-150 are simple.

Put on your protective goggles.

Jack your Ford F-150 up. Be sure to use a professional grade jack and place the jack stand under the F-150's frame. Do not jack any vehicle up without looking where you are placing the jack. You can easily damage the body of your vehicle by placing the jack too close to the body.

Locate your catalytic converter. Even though the location of the catalytic converter varies from year to year, in most F-150's the catalytic converter is about 3 feet away from the engine towards the muffler.

Tap the catalytic converter on both ends with your hammer. Do not pound on it. The point is to tap away as much debris as possible so that you can easily locate and reach the nuts which hold the catalytic converter to the mount.

Loosen each of the bolts with your socket wrench by turning them in a counterclockwise motion.

Pull the catalytic converter towards you and off of the mount, once all the bolts are loose.


  • Make sure that you put another catalytic converter on your F-150. It is illegal to drive your vehicle without one.

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