How to Cut Out a Catalytic Converter

by Bryan Cowing

The catalytic converter in a car or truck decreases the amount of air toxins emitted from the engine. If the converter has gone bad, or if you would just like to remove it, you may have trouble. The main problem that occurs when removing a catalytic converter is that the bolts are too corroded to be removed. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot remove the catalytic converter, you may have to resort to cutting it out with a reciprocating saw. The task requires two cuts: one in front of the catalytic converter and one behind it.

Step 1

Place a jack under the vehicle's frame. Make sure it is not under the body of the car or truck, which can crack the frame.

Step 2

Put on your eye protection.

Step 3

Locate the catalytic converter by tracing the exhaust pipe from the rear of your vehicle. The catalytic converter is about 1 foot long and 6 inches wide in most vehicles.

Step 4

Put on your protective gloves.

Step 5

Power on your reciprocating saw.

Step 6

Saw through the rear section of the exhaust pipe, about 4 inches from the catalytic converter.

Step 7

Saw through the exhaust pipe continuum, about 4 inches from the front of the catalytic converter.

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