How to Remove a Plastic Truck Bed Liner

by Russell Wood

There are two main types of protectants for the bed of your pickup: drop-in liners and spray-in liners. A drop-in liner is made of plastic, and you can remove it easily if you decide to sell your truck or want to clean underneath it. Plus, it's typically cheaper than the spray-in alternative. But if you must remove your liner to sell it, repair it or clean it, you can do it with a little help from a friend and some hand tools.


Open the tailgate and crawl into the bed of the truck. Locate the Phillips-head screws that secure the bed liner to the bed. They're located along the top bed rail of the truck and along the perimeter of the tailgate.


Unscrew all the screws on the bed liner and the tailgate liner, using the Phillips-head screwdriver.


Lift the tailgate liner section off the tailgate using your hands, and place it to the side.


Push the side panels of the bed liner closest to the tailgate together with your hands. With the help of your assistant, lift the liner out of the bed through the tailgate hole.

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