How to Change Your License Plate Number

by Nicki Callahan
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In days long past, it used to be that in order to accomplish anything vehicle-licensing-related, you would have to drive to the DMV and wait in line for hours. Not so anymore with the advances of the Internet. Tasks such as changing your license plate number can be done from the comfort of your own home with very little effort.

Step 1

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Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles website. For special plates (including disabled parking, military and collegiate among others) and personalized plates, you can find specific application instructions, forms and fees online.

In most states, you may submit your application by mail or online.

Of course, visiting the vehicle licensing office in person is also an option when seeking a new license plate.

Step 2

Dispose of the old plate in the following ways:

Take them to your local DMV office.

Contact your local recycling company to inquire if they will accept them. If so, bend the plates and remove the month and year tabs so that they cannot be used on another vehicle and place them in the recycling bin.

Step 3

Retain your the old license plate if you wish, however, it cannot be displayed on an automobile.

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