How to Register a Camper in Oklahoma

by Elizabeth Hannigan
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Campers can be great fun for families that love the outdoors. You can drive or tow your camper to sites all over the United States, Mexico and Canada and enjoy nature more comfortably than with tent camping. Campers are a compromise compromise between a motel room and a tent. Depending upon your camper, you may have a bed, toilet, shower and even kitchen in your home on the road. Before you travel, you'll need to register your camper with the Department of Motor Vehicles. In Oklahoma, this process is just like registering your car.

Step 1

Register your camper within 30 days of acquiring it. Otherwise, you'll have to pay a penalty fee.

Step 2

Buy insurance for your camper. You can't register the camper before you buy insurance.

Step 3

Bring all required documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You'll need a title application that you will sign in the presence of the notary public at the DMV, the old title transferred to you by the previous owner, a bill of sale and proof of insurance. You'll also need three forms of identification. At least one must be government issued, and at least one must contain a photograph of the applicant.

Step 4

Take all of your paperwork to the nearest tag agency. The tag agencies work with the Department of Motor Vehicles and will get your camper registered.

Step 5

Order your tags at the tag agency. You can get plain tags, or specialty tag that support causes such as universities or animal welfare. You can also order vanity tags if you want to choose the letters and numbers yourself. Regular tags will arrive in about four weeks. Specialty tags take about four months.

Step 6

When your tags arrive, affix your registration decals to them according to the enclosed instructions.

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