How to Check the Status of a Tennessee Driver's License

by Tina Amo

Tennessee's Department of Safety and Homeland Security provides several options for checking the status of your driver's license. Most options are free. Contact the department for additional information if you find that your license has been suspended or revoked.

Check Your Status Online

Visit the website for Tennessee's Department of Safety and Homeland Security. Click "Online Services" on the left side of the homepage to proceed to the "Driver Services" page. Enter your last name, date of birth, driver's license number and the last four digits of your Social Security number in the appropriate fields. Check the "I don't have an SSN" box if you don't have one. Click the "Log in" button to access your records and see the current status.

Check Your Status by Telephone

Call the department at (615) 251-5166 to ask about your license status. Give the representative your last name, date of birth and driver's license number. The agent can tell you if your license is valid, suspended, revoked or canceled but can't tell you anything else about the contents of your record.

Visit the Department

You can check the status of your license in person when you visit one of the Driver Services centers. Provide a form of identification, such as your license if you have it, or give the representative your name, date of birth and license number. You can find a list of service centers on the department's website.

Your Driving History

You can check your driving history for the status of your license. There is a fee for the report and the amount depends on how you order it. You can print the report from the department's website for $7, as of publication. Pay the fee with a credit or check card. Pay $5 for the report when you order it in person at the Driver Service center or when you order by mail. If you are ordering by mail, include a check or money order payable to Tennessee Dept. of State and Homeland Security. Send your order to: Tennessee Dept. Of Safety and Homeland Security, MVR Request, PO Box 945, Nashville, TN 37202. It can take up to two weeks to receive your report. You must provide your name, date of birth and license number when you order with any of these options.

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