How to Find Out If Your Driver's License Is Suspended

by Tina Amo

If you suspect that your license is no longer valid, check its status immediately. Driving with a suspended license is a serious offense that could lead to heavy fines, a revoked license and even jail time, depending on your state and the cause of the suspension. The infractions punishable with a suspension vary by state.

Check Your Status Online

Most states' motor vehicle departments provide driving safety information online. In those states, you can check your license status after verifying your identity. The procedure varies by state. Most, like Florida and West Virginia, require only your license number but some, like Texas, require your full name, date of birth, Social Security number and driver's license number. The page containing information about your license will show whether it is valid or invalid and might provide a reason.

Call the Department

You can call the motor vehicle department to speak with an agent. Give the representative your license number, name, date of birth and any other identifying details that he might request. The agent can tell you whether the license is valid, but might not be able to tell you anything else about your record.

Check in Person

If you need more information, you could visit the department to make an inquiry in person. Show legal documents that prove your identity. Documents that state motor vehicle departments commonly accept include birth certificates, passports and permanent residence cards. If you find that your license is suspended, the agent might be able to tell you the length of the suspension, and what you must do to reinstate it.

Driving Record

Another option is to order your driving record. You can check it for information such as the current status of your license, suspensions, tickets and points on your license. Depending on your state, you can order it online, by mail or in person. Some, like Alaska, also accept fax requests. There is a fee for this report, which varies by state and might also depend on the ordering method you select. In Tennessee, for instance, customers pay more to order online.

Reinstating Your License

If your license has been suspended, you must fulfill some requirements before the motor vehicle department can reinstate it. The requirements vary depending on the state and the nature of the infraction. For instance, if your license has been suspended due to a failure to make child support payments, you must pay the outstanding amount to reinstate your license. You also may have to pay a fee for the reinstatement process. Your state's motor vehicle department can provide specific information about your case.

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