How to Check my Michigan Driver's License Status

by Tina Amo

You can check your Michigan driving record for your current license status to determine if it is valid, suspended or revoked. The record also contains information about any driving infractions. The Michigan Department of State provides several methods of purchasing a copy of your driving record.

Apply by Mail

You can order your driving record by mail by completing form BDVR-153, Requesting Your Own Record, and sending it to: Michigan Department of State, Record Lookup Unit, 7064 Crowner Drive, Lansing, MI 48918-1502. Include a check, money order or credit card details for the charge, which is $8 as of publication. Add $1 if you want a certified copy of the record. The department accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover credit cards. You will receive the record at the address on file with the Secretary of State. If you want it mailed to a different address, indicate this in sections 1 and 5 on the order form. It will take three to eight weeks for your driving record to arrive.

Obtain the Record in Person

You can receive your driving record on the same day if you visit any of the branch offices. You don't need to submit a form -- just show your driver's license instead. Branch offices accept cash, checks, money orders and debit or credit cards (Discover, MasterCard and Visa). You can also request your record in person at the Secondary Complex, 7064 Crowner Drive, Lansing, MI. The Complex also allows visitors to order a record for someone else, but it won't be available until the following day. Each record is $8 as of publication, or $9 if certified.

Order by Fax

Complete the request form and fax it to the Department of State at (517) 322-1181. Include your credit card information for payment. You can pay with your Department of State account if you have one. It will take three to eight weeks to receive your driving record.

Make Your Request by Telephone

Call (517) 322-1624 to order your driving record by telephone. Provide your license number, name and date of birth. Pay with your MasterCard, Visa or Discover credit card or with your Department of State account. Use this method if you are requesting your own record only and you don't want to send it to a different address from the address on file. Representatives are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:50 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. You can call after hours but you will have to leave your information on voicemail.

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