How to Change Out of State Plates to New Jersey Plates

by Benjamin Young

In order to change out of state license plates to New Jersey plates, the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, or MVC, requires individuals to apply for a New Jersey authorized title and registration. You may apply for the title and registration at the same time. The process applies to vehicle owners in possession of a clean title that is without liens.

New Jersey Vehicle Tiltle and Registration Procedure for Out of State Vehicles

Step 1

Find your local MVC office. Visit the MVC website to identify your local office. Following the stated procedure, prepare for a visit to the office by gathering the required information and documentation.

Step 2

Gather all pertinent documentation and personal identification. You will need the out of state title, your NJ policy information with insuring company name and policy number, Social Security card and a valid NJ license. If you do not have a NJ license, you must provide other identification. Organize and keep these documents together as you will need to demonstrate them to MVC officials.

Step 3

Complete each application. Gather the applications for Certificate of Ownership -- Form OS/SS-7 -- and Registration Form BA-49. Clearly and accurately complete each required section, including the sales tax stamp on Form OS/SS-7. Prepare and attach payment for the fees associated with each application. As of March 2011, the Certificate of Ownership fee is $60.00 while the Registration fee varies based on vehicle weight class.

Step 4

Visit the local MVC office. As the vehicle owner, you must personally visit the local MVC office. Present the MVC official with the completed and endorsed applications as well as the required documentation. You do not need to present the out of state plates. Once reviewed and approved by an MVC official, you will receive NJ license plates. You will also receive a receipt stating your title information and will receive the new title by mail within two to four weeks.

Step 5

Receive vehicle inspection approval. Within 14 days of registration, you must have your vehicle inspected by a private facility or a NJ State Inspection Station. You will need to present a valid drivers license, your new registration and a proof of NJ insurance.

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