How to Replace an Expired Driver's License in Oklahoma

by Tina Amo
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When your Oklahoma license expires, you must visit the state's Department of Public Safety or an agent to get it renewed. You'll receive your new license in 7 to 10 business days. If you are in the military and on active duty, your license, and that of your spouse or dependent, automatically is extended until 60 days after your return. Oklahoma does not allow renewals by email, telephone or over the Internet.

Valid Period

Oklahoma's driver's licenses are valid for four years. The Department of Public Safety allows holders to renew theirs up to a year before expiration, and up to three years after expiration. By law, you shouldn't operate a vehicle while your license is expired. You may renew it at the DPS or with an authorized tag agent. Tag agents can't accept any document other than a copy of your birth certificate as a form of identification. Visit the DPS's website for a list of tag agents.

Procedure and Documents

Visit the Department of Public Safety and present two forms of identification to a driver examiner. One must be a primary form of identification, such as a birth certificate or U.S. passport. The other must be secondary, like your Social Security card or employee picture ID. Primary forms of identification for non-citizens include documents that show proof of their legal residence, such as an alien registration card or passport. The documents you present must show your full legal name as it appears on your license. Complete the application for a driver's license, selecting the appropriate option to renew an expired card, have a new picture taken and pay the appropriate fee.

License Fees

As of 2015, the application and license fees for the various classes of licenses are, respectively: Class A - $25 and $51.50, Class B - $15 and $51.50, Class C - $15 and $41.50 and Class D - $4 and $33.50. The fees for Class D licenses begins to progressively lessen when you reach the age of 62, and is free once you turn 65.

Renewing Out of State

You may renew your class D driver's license by mail if you are out of the state or overseas. Send the department your name, date of birth, copies of a primary and a secondary form of identification, your license number, Oklahoma address, current out of state or country address, a self-addressed envelope and a check or money order for the $33.50 processing fee. The mailing address is:

Department of Public Safety, Driver License Examining Renewal By Mail PO Box 11415 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73136.

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