How to Become a School Bus Driver in North Carolina

by Jamie Lisse

If you live in North Carolina and are a licensed driver, you may be eligible to become a school bus driver in the state. A license to drive a school bus in North Carolina is a type of CDL license. To get a license to drive a school bus in North Carolina, there are few more requirements than there are for a regular driver's license. A North Carolina school bus driver license will allow you to drive a school bus for both public and private schools.

Step 1

Get a North Carolina driver's license if you do not already have one. You need to have proof of residency to get a North Carolina driver's license. This needs to be something with your name and North Carolina address on it, such as an apartment lease agreement or a utility bill.

Step 2

Meet the other documentation requirements by having proof of age, proof of identity, an original Social Security card, proof of liability insurance and proof of a clear driving record. Your current license, a birth certificate and a passport can be used for proof of age and proof of identity.

Step 3

Undergo a physical that tests your vision, hearing, reaction time and general health. North Carolina school bus drivers must be free of any mental or physical illness that can affect their ability to drive a school bus.

Step 4

Enroll in a three-day “School Bus Driver Training” class. Afterward, take the knowledge test and pass with at least 80 percent. To schedule your class, visit your local North Carolina DMV office. Locations are available on the North Carolina DMV website (see Resources).

Step 5

Schedule some behind-the-wheel training with a driver education specialist. Set up the training by visiting your local North Carolina DMV office or website (see Resources). Afterward, take and pass the skills test. When you pass, you will be given a completion certificate.

Step 6

Take your paperwork from the driver education specialist to your local North Carolina DMV driver license examiner. You will be issued a CDL-B with P and S endorsements, which is what you need to drive a school bus in North Carolina.

Step 7

Present your new CDL-B license with P and S endorsements to a superintendent, principal, transportation director or board of education. You will be given your NC School Bus Driver Pocket Card, which serves as your school bus driver certificate.

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