Colorado Class B Commercial Driver's License Requirements

by Kenyonda Bradley
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A Class B commercial driver's license (CDL B) is required in Colorado to operate any vehicle weighing more than 26,000 pounds. Most school bus drivers, public bus operators and delivery store drivers must have a valid CDL B. Obtaining a CDL B in Colorado requires study and practice, but it may provide job opportunities.

Valid Class D Driver's License

To obtain your CDL B in Colorado, you must have a valid Class D driver’s license, which is the regular non-commercial license obtained by completing the basic skills written exam and road test. You must have a Class D license to take the CDL B written test.


A permit is required to operate a Class B vehicle with an instructor. Before the permit is issued, you must provide your Social Security number, a valid Department of Transportation medical card and identification. Additionally, you must pass a commercial driver's license written test and a vision test and pay a fee of $14, as of 2010, at a Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office.

Road Test

A road test is required, To complete the road test in Colorado you must pass three skills tests: pre-trip inspection (knowing whether your vehicle is safe to drive), basic vehicle control (being able to handle the vehicle traveling forward, backward and while turning), and on-road driving (being able to safely drive your vehicle in traffic). After passing your road test, you pay a $35 licensing fee, as of 2010, to obtain your Colorado Class B commerical driver's license.

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