How to Get a Class B CDL License in Pennsylvania

by Christell York
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A Class B licenses in Pennsylvania allows operation of vehicles with a weight rating of 26,001 pounds or higher as well as vehicles that qualify under Class C licensing. In order to apply for a Class B license you must be at least 18 years of age or 21 years of age for interstate driving. All driver's license applicants must submit to a vision exam, written exam and road test prior to obtaining a driver's license.

Step 1

Visit the Pennsylvania Driver's License Center and complete an application for a Class B commercial drivers license (CDL). If you currently have a driver's license you must complete an application to change your license to a CDL.

Step 2

Complete the knowledge or written exam and eye exam if required. You will be notified by the Department of Transportation employee if additional testing is necessary. If you successfully complete the knowledge test you will be allowed to schedule the road test and you will be given a Class B learner's permit. The eye exam msut be passed with at least 20/40 or better vision.

Step 3

Complete the road test. You must provide an insured vehicle with current inspection and license tags for the test. You must have your license permit for 15 days before you will be allowed to complete the road test. After successfully completing the road test you will be provided with a temporary Class B CDL until your official license is sent by mail. Licenses usually take four to six weeks to arrive.

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