How to Register a Travel Trailer in British Columbia

by Jessica Jewell
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In order to get license plates and insurance for your travel trailer, you must register the trailer with ICBC, which is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. ICBC was established in 1973 to provide universal automotive insurance to all British Columbia motorists, and it is responsible for issuing driving licenses and vehicle registrations.

Step 1

Collect the materials needed to register the vehicle. You will need the trailer's current registration, if one exists, two forms of identification, and a signed and dated bill of sale listing you as the new owner of the vehicle. Acceptable identification includes driver's license, ID card, birth certificate, passport or residency certificate. Your secondary form of identification can include a bank card, health card, student identification or credit card.

Step 2

Take your travel trailer to designated inspection facility. ICBC provides a list of designated facilities on its website. If your vehicle passes the inspection, you must take the vehicle inspection report with you to register the trailer. If your vehicle does not pass inspection, you must have the vehicle repaired and then retested. You cannot register the vehicle until it passes the inspection.

Step 3

Take all documents to an Autoplan broker. To find an Autoplan broker in your area, type in your town or postal code in the Autoplan broker-finder feature on the ICBC website. There are over 900 Autoplan brokers throughout British Columbia, and the broker finder will provide a list of the brokers in your area.

Step 4

Fill out the registration application with the Autoplan broker. You will need to pay a small registration fee to register the vehicle. This registration fee varies from year to year, and also depends on the size and weight of your trailer. Once the application has been reviewed by the broker, you will be given a temporary registration certificate. Several weeks later, you will receive the official registration certificate in the mail stating that the travel trailer is registered to you.

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