How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Online

by Linda EmmaUpdated September 26, 2017

Once notoriously inefficient, the Department of Motor Vehicles has stepped into the twenty-first century and now happily accepts online payments for moving traffic violations. Parking tickets, however, must be remitted to the issuing city or town. Many municipalities also accept online payments.

Locate the official website of the state in which the violation occurred. This sounds simple, but watch out for look-alike websites. Many consumers have mistakenly handed over unnecessary fees because they were working through an intermediary instead of the real deal. Look for the .gov extension.

Have your driver’s license, ticket and credit card ready.

Go to the website and locate their “Pay Citation” section.

Follow the steps outlined. You will need to include your license number, the citation number and the amount you owe.

Pay with your credit card. Like other online transactions, you will need to provide proper mailing and credit card information.


Paying online means you forfeit your right to dispute the fine. As stated before, Internet scam artists abound. Double-check that website.

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