How to Sell a Car in Tennessee

by Brooke Pierce

There are specific regulations that apply to Tennessee, and you should follow them when selling a car in any of the counties in this state. The laws facilitate the smooth transfer of the car from the seller to the purchaser. It also helps you to avoid potential legal conflicts.

Visit the County Clerk's Office

The clerk's office provides guidelines that will help you through the process. When you are selling your car to an individual, you can do so safely at the county clerk’s office, where you will complete the transaction with the buyer.

Complete the Paperwork

The information at the back of the title certificate should be completed when signing over your car to the new owner. Both parties are required to fill out the document. In case of an error when filling out the document, you will need to correct it in the presence of a notary. Cancel the error with a line and fill out the correction in the nearest space available. You are required to submit the certificate of title and Odometer Disclosure Statement to the buyer. You may also be required to provide a bill of sale that should contain information about the sale price, date of sale and your name.


Never use whiteout or erase the mistake on the title certificate. This will help you to avoid voiding the document, as you will be required to apply for a duplicate certificate if it happens.

Apply for a Duplicate Tennessee Title Certificate

You must fill out an Application for a Duplicate Certificate of the Title (Form RV-F132) in case you have a destroyed or lost your title. You can complete the form in person or mail at your local office. You must provide proof of identification when filling out the application such as a Tennessee driver’s license or birth certificate.

Produce an Emissions Certificate

You should provide the buyer with emissions testing information, as in Tennessee, the emissions inspection is required. Also, have your car inspected before you sell it. You will need your vehicle registration to get an emissions certificate.

Provide the Vehicle History Report

It’s your responsibility as a seller to provide the buyer with a vehicle history report. Provide your vehicle identification number to get the report. You can obtain your vehicle history report through the website.

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