How to Register a Vehicle With No VIN Number

by Brooke Pierce

The vehicle identification number is a 17-digit code that identifies and is specific to each vehicle. Vehicles without a VIN should be registered at your local department of motor vehicles. Registering vehicles without a VIN varies by state. Go to your nearest motor vehicles office when you decide to register your car that does not have a VIN.

Apply for a VIN

If you live in Kentucky, for instance, you will be required to fill out an Application for Vehicle Identification Number. You will then present notarized proof of ownership such as an affidavit, bill of sale or title. You should also present a notarized statement explaining why there is no VIN on your vehicle. Provide your address, name and telephone number as well as the location where the vehicle may be examined.


In Kentucky, providing false information on a VIN application can lead to fines as well as forgery charges.

Take Your Car For Inspection

Take your vehicle to the motor vehicles agency inspection lane. To obtain a VIN, your car must be inspected. You will have to submit documents, including a completed inspection request, a bill of sale or a title certificate. The bill of sale for private parties must be notarized. You should also provide a photo identification. In Washington state, for example, vehicles that lack a VIN will be assigned a VIN, and the state patrol will attach and issue plates to the vehicles that require them.

Pay the Inspection Fees

The department of licensing in Washington state, for example, collects a fee for the inspection. Fees vary from state to state, so always check before visiting the agency.

Register Your Car

You will be given a verification form that you will need to register your car at your nearest motor vehicles agency office. Visit the office as soon as you can after having your VIN verified. In Connecticut, for example, if you lose your verification form 30 or more days after verification, you must have your VIN verified again. You will also be charged a fee of $10, at the time publication. The fees vary from state to state, so always check before visiting the office. Bring the vehicle you want to register to the motor vehicles office. Agents at the office will then register your vehicle.

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