How to Get a Bonded Title in Arkansas

by Scott Krohn

When a standard certificate of title is not available to transfer ownership of a vehicle, one option is to get a bonded title. A bonded title might be required due to the death of the seller before signing the original certificate of title, the loss of a signed title before transferring ownership, or the donation of a vehicle without a title. In Arkansas, getting a bonded title is a four-step process.

The VIN Inspection

In Arkansas, the process of getting a bonded title starts with a check of the vehicle identification number to ensure that the car has not been reported as a stolen vehicle. The VIN can be found on the top of the driver’s-side dashboard or on the driver’s door jamb. The VIN inspection can be done by an authorized member of the Arkansas State Police or a police officer working at the city or county level. Upon passing the inspection, the applicant will be given a VIN inspection form completed by the authorized officer.

Statement of Facts

To receive a bonded title in Arkansas, the owner must complete a Statement of Facts for Issuance of a Bonded Title. This form asks for the make, model and VIN of the car as well as certifications that the car has not been salvaged or stolen, or does not have liens placed against it. There is also a section that asks for a brief accounting of how the owner came into possession of the vehicle, including the name of the seller or donor. The completed form can then be mailed to the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicles at the address provided on the form.

Applying for Bonding

If the request for a bonded title is approved, the OMV mails out a letter of approval to apply for bonding as well as a valuation of the vehicle to the owner. In Arkansas, the required bond amount is 1.5 times the state’s estimated value of the car. For example, a car valued at $15,000 would require bonding of $22,500. This paperwork can be submitted to a surety bond company, either in person or online. The cost of the bond will vary depending on the issuing company and the value of the car. After approval, the surety company will issue a certificate of bond to the vehicle owner.

Submitting Paperwork to the OMV

After receiving the certificate of bond from the surety company, the vehicle owner can submit it along with the VIN inspection, statement of facts and the bonded title approval form to a regional OMV office. According to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, processing vehicle titles takes a minimum of three weeks, after which the bonded title can be mailed to the owner. After three years, the bonded title can be exchanged for a standard certificate of title.

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