How to Transfer an Automobile Title to a Spouse in North Carolina

by Shanan Miller
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To transfer a vehicle title to a spouse in North Carolina, both spouses must have valid North Carolina driver's licenses. Any title transfers in North Carolina are subject to title fees and must must have signatures notarized--on both the title and the title application form. No liens can be listed on the title. If liens exist, ownership cannot be transferred without providing a lien release that states that the balance on the vehicle has been satisfied.

Step 1

Go to a North Carolina vehicle and license plate renewal office. Bring a lien release with you if there is a lien listed on the title. Have your North Carolina driver's license ready to prove identity and residency.

Step 2

Fill out the title application form with your spouse, which you can print from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website or obtain when you arrive at the vehicle and license plate renewal office. Either spouse can fill out the "vehicle" section of the title application form. Take the information directly from the title for accuracy.

Step 3

Fill out and sign the "owner" section. The spouse who is taking possession of the vehicle should fill out the "owner" section of the form.

Step 4

Fill out and sign the damage disclosure statement. The titled owner must fill out this statement to provide the vehicle's damage history. The new owner must also sign it--the record is used for any future title transfers.

Step 5

Sign the vehicle title in front of the notary, with your spouse. The notary will sign the title and the title application form to complete the transfer process.

Step 6

Pay the North Carolina title fee, which was $40 as of September, 2010. Your new title should arrive within a few weeks.

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