How to Add a Lien to a North Carolina Title

by Melissa O'Connor

Adding a lien to an automobile title allows you to take the auto if certain conditions are not met, such as debt payments. With the help of the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles website, you can access the proper form and complete if before you visit your local office. Whether the title is already registered in someone else's name or has a current lien holder, you can complete the task.

Step 1

Go to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles ( and click on the "Vehicle Services" link located across the top. Click on "Liens on a Title."

Step 2

Click on "Lien Recording Application (MVR-6)" to download the form. Print it and complete it with all lien information such as lien holder's name and address, lien data. There is also a vehicle and owner section. The fee is $15 as of 2011.

Step 3

Sign the form in front of a notary. Contact your local bank or library to see when a notary will be in and what the fee will be. In most cases, the service is free for members.

Step 4

Bring the form and the fee to your local Department of Motor Vehicles license plate office or the central office in Raleigh. Click on "Office Location Section" to find a DMV office close to you.

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