How to Transfer the Warranty on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

by Cecelia Owens
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When you are ready to sell your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you will not only want to transfer the title of your motorcycle to the buyer, but you will want to transfer the warranty as well. Every new Harley-Davidson motorcycle comes with a two-year warranty that begins the day that you purchase the motorcycle. Transferring the warranty to the buyer allows you to not be hounded by the buyer, if the bike malfunctions after the transaction is complete.

Step 1

Locate your local dealership. If you do not know the location of your nearest dealership, visit the Harley-Davidson website and click the "Dealer Locator" button at the top of the page. Input your "ZIP Code," "City," or "State," and then click "Find." Write down the address of your nearest dealership.

Step 2

Visit the dealership and ask a sales associate or the financial manager for a warranty transfer form. On the form, include information, such as the motorcycle's VIN number and the address, phone number and name of the buyer and seller. The seller and the buyer must sign the form in person. The sales associate or financial manager will file the paperwork.

Step 3

Receive the warranty card in the mail. It will be sent to both parties involved in the transfer in three weeks.

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