How to Contact a Ford Representative

by Claire Hawk
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Eventually, many drivers develop questions about their vehicles. Whether you have a tiny question or a big one, curiosity about seat height or SYNC, or an inquiry about engine fluids or windshield wipers, Ford Motor Company wants to give you the answer on the first try. No matter which method you prefer, get in touch with a Ford Motor Company representative to ask any questions you may have about your Ford vehicle.


Step 1

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Write down the questions or concerns you want to address.

Step 2

Look up your local dealership in the phone book or on the Web. To find the dealer online, type "" (without the quotation marks) into your browser. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click the link "Dealer Directory." Select "Ford" from the drop-down menu. When prompted, type your ZIP code. Click "Find." The first entry in the list that appears provides the physical address and telephone number of the dealership closest to you. The list also ranks the entries below in order of proximity to your ZIP code.

Step 3

Dial the telephone number of the dealership you want to reach. Dial the option for the sales or service department, depending on your question, to reach the appropriate representative. If the representative doesn't have the answer, ask to speak with the service manager or the sales manager.

Step 4

If the manager hasn't answered your question and you are in the United States, dial 800-392-3673. If you are hearing impaired, dial 800-232-5952. If you are in Canada, dial 800-565-3673.

Postal Service

Step 1

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Write your comments and questions in a letter.

Step 2

In the United States, mail the letter to:

Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center P.O. Box 6248 Dearborn, MI 48126

Step 3

In Canada, mail the letter to:

Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited Customer Relationship Centre P.O. Box 2000 Oakville, Ontario, L6J5E4


Step 1

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Type into your browser.

Step 2

Click "About Ford" to the right of the menu bar.

Step 3

Click "Company Information."

Step 4

On the left side of the screen, click "Contact Ford."

Step 5

Scroll down to the email section.

Step 6

Under "Email Us About Vehicles and Services," click "Ford."

Step 7

Click your topic from the drop-down menu.

Step 8

Type your question into the box provided.

Step 9

Fill out the "Vehicle Information" section.

Step 10

Provide your contact information so Ford can reply to your inquiry.

Step 11

Click "Submit."

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