How to Customize Your Own Car Simulation Online

by Joanne Cichetti
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Most auto manufacturers have added “customize your car” feature to allow car enthusiasts to personalize their car before purchasing it. Online car simulators present a wide variety of customization options to choose from, and you can easily design your car just the way you want.

Step 1

Visit the website of the manufacturer whose car you’re interested in customizing. If you don't have a particular brand in mind, check out the websites of a few manufacturers that distribute cars in your area.

Step 2

Go to the page labeled as “Make your own”, “Build your own” or a similar header.

Step 3

Select the vehicle type you want, for instance a sedan, minivan, truck or an SUV.

Step 4

Choose a particular model for the selected vehicle type.

Step 5

Select a color (both external and internal) from the available colors for the particular model you choose.

Step 6

Add additional details if you want, such sunroof, convertible and accessories like carpeted floor and trunk mats.

Step 7

Find a dealer from the website once you're finished customizing your auto, and contact him for purchasing the customized ride.

If you want to print the page after customization, click the "Print" button, which is usually found under the "Summary" or "Review" section of the customization page. You can keep the printed page to retain information about the customized auto.

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