How to Trade a Vehicle with a Rebuilt Title

by Steve Smith
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If your vehicle has a rebuilt title (also called a salvage title), chances are you are interested in getting a new car. The good news is it is easy to trade in that salvaged vehicle to a dealer or a private seller. Some people may be interested in rebuilding salvaged cars. There are a few simple steps to take before you make the trade, however, to ensure it is all done on the up and up.

Step 1

Visit the NADA Guides website at and select the "new and used car pricing" link. Type in your zip code, then select the vehicle make, year and model. Enter the mileage and submit your request.

Step 2

Find the rough trade-in value range for the vehicle. It will be listed on the screen in the middle of the page.

Step 3

Multiply that figure by .2 using a calculator to find a rough, general estimate of the trade-in value for the salvage vehicle. Generally speaking, values depreciate for rebuilt cars by about 10 to 20 percent on the market.

Step 4

Take the vehicle to the dealer with your new trade-in figure in mind and negotiate a fair trade price that is comparable with this value. Stick to your estimate and demand a decent price.

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