How to Trade in a Car With a Blown Head Gasket

by Steve Smith
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A blown head gasket allows coolant to seep into the combustion area where it is converted to steam and smoke. The resulting white plume of smoke from the tail pipe is a tell-tale sign your head gasket is blown. A mechanic knows this job is a costly one, and it affects the value of your car substantially. Trading in a car with a blown head gasket requires a little negotiation skills and knowledge to back up your trade-in offer.

Step 1

Assess the value of your vehicle at On the home page, select the vehicle type, then the make, model and year. Enter your zip code when prompted. Select "trade-in value."

Step 2

Locate the trade-in value on the following page and then select all applicable features your vehicle possesses, such as air conditioning, power steering and all custom parts and modifications. Click submit.

Step 3

Find the "Fair" condition price on the following page.

Step 4

Take the car to the dealership. Inform the dealer of the vehicle's condition. Allow an inspection. Offer 10 to 20 percent below the Blue Book "fair" condition trade-in value. Go as low as 40 percent below the "fair" condition value on your trade deal.

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