How to Find Used Truck Values

by Alicia Bodine
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If you are ready to purchase a new truck, you'll want to find out the value of your current truck. You will need to know your used pickup's true worth in order to determine whether to trade it in to the new truck dealer or sell it yourself: Knowing the value of your truck will keep you from accepting too low of an offer for your vehicle or getting ripped off by a car salesman. And if you're looking at a used pickup to purchase, you'll want to know its true used value so you can be sure to get a fair deal.

Step 1

Go to the Kelley Blue Book website. A link to the site is in the Resources section below. The Kelley Blue Book is widely accepted as an accurate source for finding the value of a used vehicle, including a truck.

Step 2

Locate the "Used Car" box on the home page and click the red "Go" button.

Step 3

Use the drop down menus to select your truck's year, make and model. Click on the red "Go" button when you have done this.

Step 4

Enter your zip code when prompted.

Step 5

Select either "Trade-in Value" or "Private Party Value." Record the resulting figure in a notebook, then check out the other. This will help you compare the results so you can make a decision as to how you want to sell your used truck.

Step 6

Check all of the boxes next to any additional equipment you have on your truck. Then enter the mileage on your truck. Once you have done this you will need to click "Continue."

Step 7

Select either Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor from the list. This refers to the condition of your truck. Be honest. If your truck is in poor condition, choose poor. You will get an accurate value for your used car once you click "Continue."

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