How to Use the Hold Button on an Aveo

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Chevrolet Aveo is equipped with a transmission hold feature if it has an automatic transmission. The hold feature overrides the automatic shifting process, allowing you to stay in one specific gear or control the gears as if you were driving a vehicle with a manual transmission. Exercise caution when using the hold feature. Your automatic transmission is configured to shift at specific points; exceeding them could cause damage.

Step 1

Start your engine, and press the hold button on your gear shift bezel. Inspect the instrument cluster to verify the hold feature is turned on. "Hold" will be illuminated near the odometer on the dashboard.

Step 2

Move your gear shift selector all the way down to "1" to begin driving. Push the selector up to "2" when you are ready to shift into second gear. Push it to "D" when you are ready to shift into third gear and overdrive.

Step 3

Move your gear shift selector down to "2" when you need to downshift. The Aveo will not downshift automatically. If you come to a complete stop, move the selector back down to "1."

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