How to Turn Off Traction Control on an RX350

by Blaze Johnson

The Lexus RX350, first introduced to the public in 2007, replaced the aging RX300 crossover vehicle. Some of the major changes from the earlier series include 18-inch wheels, DVD navigation system and improved styling cues. The Lexus RX350 also features integrated safety features such as vehicle stability control, a vehicle-to-vehicle approach warning system, automated parking assistance and rear-view monitoring. Certain situations, such as getting stuck in a large amount of snow or mud, may call for you to turn off the traction control system to get as much available power as possible to the wheels.

Step 1

Climb into the vehicle and start the engine.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Traction Control off" button located on the left side of the center console for at least three seconds.

Step 3

Check the overhead display for the message "TRAC OFF" to verify that you have successfully turned off the traction control system.

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