How To Reset the Service Engine Soon Light in a 1999 Buick Century

by Katebo

A 1999 Buick Century has a helpful computer system, like most modern vehicles, that lets you know about problems with the vehicle and when you need to service the engine. Perform the servicing soon after you see the Service Engine Soon light turn on. Make sure you have it serviced before you attempt to reset the light. If you don't reset it soon after you have your Buick Century serviced, the light will start to malfunction.

Put the key into the ignition and turn it to "Run." Don't start the engine.

Press down slowly and fully on the gas pedal, then release it. Do this three times in five seconds.

Watch for the "Service Engine Soon" light to start blinking. This indicates that the system is resetting itself. Turn the ignition to "Off" and wait one minute.

Start the Century's engine. The Service Engine Soon light will flash for a moment, then turn off. If it doesn't do this, repeat the process.

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