How to Set the Clock on a Mazda 5

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Most automotive clocks are built into a car's radio. However, in the Mazda5, the clock is a separate unit. The clock shares its panel with the ambient temperature display screen, which is a few inches above the radio. This is a helpful setup as it allows you to keep the factory clock even if you install an aftermarket radio. Setting the Mazda5's clock only takes you a couple of minutes.

Step 1

Turn the Mazda5's ignition on. The engine does not have to be running.

Step 2

Examine the control panel beneath the clock display. You'll see three buttons: "H," "M" and ":00."

Step 3

Hold down "H" to adjust the clock's hour. The digit will slowly advance. Release "H" when the hour is correct.

Hold down "M" to adjust the clock's minute. Release the button.

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