How to Rent a Truck to Move a Boat

by Dana Tuffelmire
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Whether you need to move a boat across the country or across town, renting a truck can make the job easier. Many rental companies offer the equipment you need to help relocate your boat. Depending on the size and weight of the boat, you may need a moving van, tractor, trailer or pick-up truck. U-Haul, Enterprise and Rent-A-Wreck are three nationwide companies with vehicles that have the capacity to tow a boat.

Renting with U-Haul

Step 1

Go to U-Haul's website (See Reference 1) to find a location near you by entering your zip/postal code or an address and clicking "Find Location."

If you do not have Internet access, call U-Haul at 800-468-4285 for location information.

Step 2

If using the website, click on "Trucks" at the top of the screen, then choose the truck you want from the pull-down menu.

Options that would haul a boat include a pick-up truck with a towing capacity of 5,500 pounds, all of the moving trucks which range in size from 10 feet to 26 feet and tow up to 7,500 pounds, as well as larger tractor trailers for very large boats. The size of the truck needed will depend on the size and weight of the boat. You can also rent a trailer.

Step 3

Click the "Pickup Date" box and choose the date you will need the truck.

Step 4

Click the "Pickup Location" box and type in the zip code or city and state where you would like to pick up the truck.

Step 5

Click the "Dropoff Location" box and type in the zip code or city and state where you want to drop off the truck, or click the box to keep it the same as the pickup location.

Step 6

Click "Get Rates." The page that pops up will have a detailed listing of each truck available for the specified date.

Step 7

Find the truck you want, then click "Continue." If the truck you wanted is not available, click the browser's back button and choose a different date or location.

Step 8

Find the location where you want to pick up the truck and click "Continue."

Step 9

Choose a damage protection plan, then click "Continue."

Step 10

Choose any additional rental items needed (optional), then click "Continue." These items include dollies and furniture pads.

Step 11

Review your order, then click "Add to Cart."

Step 12

Click "Check Out."

Step 13

Fill in shipping and billing information, then click "Complete this Purchase."

Renting with Enterprise

Step 1

Go to the Enterprise website and click "Locations" on the left side of the page.

Step 2

Choose a state from the pull-down menu.

Step 3

Click "Go."

Step 4

Choose a location and call the number listed or call Enterprise at 888-736-8287 to find the location nearest you. Complete the reservation information online, if preferred. You will pay once you pick up the vehicle.

Renting with Rent-A-Wreck

Step 1

Go to the Rent-A-Wreck website and search for the location nearest you by typing in the city, state or postal code.

Step 2

Click "Search."

Step 3

Read the list of Rent-A-Wreck locations and click on the one nearest you.

Step 4

Click "Rates and Reservations."

Step 5

Make your reservation by calling the number listed or contacting them by email. You can also call Rent-A-Wreck at 877-877-0700 for information on locations and rates.

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