How to Junk a Car in Florida With No Title

by Jason Jensen
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Typically a title is required when you sell a car to a junkyard in Florida. The title proves that you are the owner of the vehicle and have authorization to sell it, which is why it's such an important document to have when junking a car. There are, however, a couple of services in Florida that will junk your car even if you do not have a title. The first company may offer you cash for your car. The second company will not offer you money but will remove it free of charge.

Step 1

Go to and call one of the three available numbers posted on their homepage. There's an 800 number, a Tampa number and a Clearwater number.

Step 2

Tell the operator that you have a car you would like them to come pick up and do not have the title to the vehicle.

Step 3

Describe the vehicle to them and let them make you an offer. If you accept their offer, make arrangements for when and where they can pick up the car.

Step 1

Go to and enter your zip code on their homepage. Click the "Submit" button to be taken to the next screen.

Step 2

Enter your vehicle condition. Provide the VIN for the vehicle and describe the make, model and year of the car. Click "Next" when you are finished.

Step 3

Describe the condition of the vehicle. Click "Next" when you are finished.

Step 4

Enter the location of the vehicle. Provide the address from which the vehicle can be picked up. Click "Next" when you are finished.

Step 5

Provide your contact details. Enter the requested contact information. A representative will call you to arrange a pick up free of charge.

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