How to Get a Lost Title for a Motorcycle

by Pamela Gardapee
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Mei Tang

If you have lost a motorcycle title, you can get a replacement. Once you have the title, you should keep it in a safe place such as a fireproof safe or in a safety deposit box at a bank. The title is needed to prove ownership and if you sell the motorcycle, you will need the title to sign it over to the new owner.

Step 1

Access your state Department of Motor Vehicle online. Typing "State" DMV will provide you a URL to the website where you will find a form to be completed for a new title.

Step 2

Look on the website for "Title Replacement" or "Request a Title." Then open the application form.

Step 3

Enter your name, address, city and state. Enter the vehicle identification number of the motorcycle. Supply the year and make of the bike and the license plate number if you have one on the motorcycle.

Step 4

Make a photocopy of your photo ID. Mail the photo ID copy, the application form and the title replacement fee to the address shown on the form or take this information to your nearest Department of Motor Vehicle office.

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