How to License a Salvage Vehicle in Minnesota

by Julianne Russ
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Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services issues a salvage title to a vehicle if it is less than 6 years old or costs more than $5,000. A car receives a salvage title when it has sustained damage of more than 70 percent of its value or the insurance company acquired it through the total loss claim. Vehicles transferred from another state with a salvage title also receive a salvage title in Minnesota. The title will read "Salvage--Must Be Inspected."

Step 1

Make the necessary repairs to the vehicle. Keep the receipts for the major parts replaced.

Step 2

Take the vehicle to the inspection location. An inspection is required to clear the salvage status. You will need to present the title or the photocopy, the Affidavit of Reconstruction, and any receipts for the parts replaced. The inspector will give you a completed inspection report.

Step 3

Take the report to a deputy registrar office. Surrender the title, Affidavit of Reconstruction, the receipts, and the successfully completed inspection certificate. Pay the fees. As of September, 2010 the vehicle inspection fee in Minnesota is $30 and the filing fee is $8.50.

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