How to Transfer a Pennsylvania Title to a New York Resident

by Andrea Lynn

A vehicle title is a document that proves ownership of a vehicle. On each title is the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN of the vehicle, the year of the vehicle, the make and model of the vehicle, the name of the current owner and their address. Each state has their own titles and registering laws and rules.

Pennsylvania Title Holder

Step 1

Create sales receipt and odometer statement or damage disclosure statement, if necessary for the purchase of the vehicle.

Step 2

Assign the title to the New York resident by filling in their name and address, as well as the current vehicle mileage and the date of sale.

Step 3

Sign and print your name on the seller line.

New York Resident Purchasing the Vehicle

Step 1

Sign all sales documents related to the purchase of the vehicle.

Step 2

Sign and print your name on the Pennsylvania title as buyer.

Step 3

Bring the vehicle title, proof of ownership, proof of of New York State sales tax, exemption, or purchase price and proof of New York State liability auto insurance to a local New York DMV office.

Step 4

Fill out the New York State form MV-82 -- the license and registration form. Have ready proof of identity and the new owner's date of birth.

Step 5

Go to the DMV counter to file the documents you brought for a new vehicle purchase. Provide payment for fees to the New York state DMV.

Step 6

Purchase new license plates or pay to transfer your old license plates to the new vehicle.

Step 7

Pay state sales tax on your vehicle purchase.

Step 8

Take your vehicle to a New York state inspection facility and get your vehicle inspected.

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