How to Transfer a Car Title to a Relative

by Diana Prince
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A title certificate is used as the official proof of ownership for a vehicle. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires any person purchasing a vehicle or even just receiving one as a gift, to first have the title signed over to their name. Transferring ownership of vehicles is a common process, one which must take place in order to legally sell a car, give it to a friend or relative, or donate it to charity. If you plan to sell or give your vehicle to a relative, you can transfer the car title to their name easily.

Step 1

Fill out the "Transfer By Owner" section on the back of the title.

Step 2

Print your name and address as the seller, the name and address of the buyer/receiver and the date of transfer in the appropriate boxes on the back of the title certificate.

Step 3

Sign on the "Seller's Signature" line in order to complete the transaction. Once you sign on this line, the vehicle immediately belongs to the new owner.

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